David P.

iQualifier was a great service...it assisted us as we cleaned up and improved our credit score...which enabled us to gain qualification for the mortgage that we needed to offer on our house...

I forgot to tell you that I enrolled in the iQualifier program. The car is paid off!  My score is up 17 points, so I’ll see you in a few months!

Elizabeth W.

Eliza A.

I want to share with you how iQualifier helped me: iQualifier listed a medical collection on my profile which I was unaware of. When I called to inquire about the collection I found out it was posted in error—the bill was not mine but it was sent to collections in my name! If I had not had iQualifier I might have not known there was an error on my credit report. Thanks to iQualifier I called to check it out and was able to correct the report and protect the account from damaging my credit. Thanks!

We needed to bring our scores up fast in order to buy our home. The credit simulator was accurate in showing us what improvements needed to be made to raise our score. We close in a few weeks! We definitely recommend using iQualifier. Thanks!

Latosha & Wil

Jennifer P.

iQualifier is the best thing since sliced bread! It was truly gratifying to reach each goal in raising my credit score. Now I'm a first-time home buyer!

Early success with iQualifier! We had a client, that had a credit score of 619 in May 2014, just below our minimum requirement. Our LO recommended iQualifier to his client and he took us up on it. We were notified by iQualifier of the increased credit score and pulled new credit. New score as of June 2014 is 659, the loan has been approved and is in underwriting and we await a July closing!

Kory B.

J. F.

iQualifier has become an integral addition to our business. We are a referral-based mortgage company so we are constantly thinking about what our value proposition is in the marketplace. With the addition of iQualifier we have a tool that allows us to maximize opportunity on all of the referrals that we receive. Whether it is helping a client get approved for a loan because with iQualifier they have a solid plan to improve their credit score or if it is helping a client obtain a better rate though the recommendations of the iQualifier our company is differentiated in the marketplace thanks to this tool. 

We were amazed by how simple and effective iQualifier proved to be. It took very little time to create an account and once I had the information and advice were readily available. iQualifier had a clear, concise plan for me to follow and I was able to reach my goal credit score within a short period of time. We could not have been approved without iQualifier! Thank you!

Allie W.

Bill T.

Since I was introduced to iQualifier I knew we were on the right path to buying the house we always wanted (which we did). We are very satisfied and pleased with iQualifier. Not only did it guide me but it also taught me how to better manage and budget my money. Thanks!
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