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The first step to achieving your goals is finding out how your credit history looks to lenders. Order a free TransUnion credit report and score through iQualifier to check your standing and make sure all information is accurate. You’ll receive a detailed report showing your entire credit history, as well as information about how your scores compare nationally. Don’t worry, checking your score through us won’t have any impact on your score. Take your first step toward a better future today.

iQ Score Manager includes a sophisticated score simulator that shows how your actions today can affect your credit score in the months ahead – for better and for worse. This powerful program will simulate alternative scenarios and teach you smart financial decision making. You’ll learn how to take control of your credit and we’ll send you monthly email reminders to keep you on track.

Your wait is over.

Professional analytic tools give you an action plan that really works.

Learn how to manage your credit using the same tools as lending professionals.

If you’re serious about qualifying for the loan you want, we’re serious about getting you there. iQualifier is the first credit site to provide consumers with the same powerful analytic tools used by professional lenders. Your days of guessing at what works are over. iQualifier helps you take control of your credit and make smart financial decisions.

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